Digha is one of the most popular vacation destinations in West Bengal, particularly for people from Kolkata.
This is popular sea beach in West Bengal, India.
Digha is a 4-5 hr long journey by bus from Kolkata. There are frequent bus services to Digha from the Dharamtala bus stand of Kolkata and many other parts of West Bengal.

Charges: AC bus approx 250 RS/person and 85-100 Rs/person for Non-Ac (Do confirm if the bus is nonstop or with stops).
Three trains run daily from Howrah Railway Station at 06.40 (Tamralipta Express), 11.15 (Duranto Express) and 14.40 (Kandari Express). You can get other trains on special occasions.

There are many cheap “rice hotels” all over Digha, serving cheap, but good quality Bengali dishes. There are some more expensive restaurants where continental food is available. In an average restaurant, a vegetarian meal is available for ₹70-90, Bengali fish curry-rice is available for ₹70-150. A meal with egg curry-rice is available around ₹75.

To stay safe before leaving for Digha must Mosquito repellent. Also be careful when taking bath in the sea. The sea becomes rough to very rough during high tide, especially during new and full moon. It is not safe to swim during high tide. There is a sea wall, which protects Old Digha from erosion, it is unsafe to cross the wall during high tide. Most of Digha has No Swim signs.

Nearby places to visit are Tajpur, Shankarpur, Mandarmani. Also, you can go Talsari, Odisha.

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