Taki is  just a 2 hour distance from Kolkata. It is located in the banks of the Ichamati river. On the other side of the Ichamati river is Bangladesh. Taki is the land of Zamindars. Once there were palatial houses in Taki, however, all of them are now in dilapidated condition. There is 129 acre Machranga Island which you can visit by taking the launch service from the ferry ghat. The Ichamati river is engulfing the island at quite a pace. Another attraction of Taki, is the Durga immersion ceremony. Every year where lots of people on both sides of India and Bangladesh gather to watch the immersion ceremony. It is an auspicious time to reap harmony among people from both sides. Boats from both sides sail to Ichamati for the immersion of Durga idol.

Places of interest [ What to do ]

  • The Ichamati River is one of the main attractions. Be it sunrise, sunset, the countryside or fisherman working their boats, it provides a spot to relax and take in the views.
  • Golpatar Jungle (Golpataban) (north of town towards Jalalpur). Walking trails under the canopy of Golpata trees. The trails lead to the river where there are views of Bangladesh. It is recommended to bring photo id as you may be requested to present it before being allowed to enter.
  • Machranga Island (Machranga Deep, Machranga Dwip) (by boat from Jetty Ghat). A largely uninhabited island near the confluence of the Ichamati and Vasa Rivers. It’s an excellent spot to go walking, swimming and view birds. The boat ride there takes about 30 minutes and is part of the experience — watch for the ruins of the zamindar Roychoudhury’s house, which is slowly being swallowed by the river. Boat ride is ₹30-40 per person.
  • Roychowdhury Zaminder House (beside the Ichamati river, north of town). This is the ancestral house of former Army General Shankar Roychowdhury. There are Natmandir, old temples in the premises.
  • There are a number old temples around the town where you can witness the evening prayer and arati:
  •  Ramakrishna Mandir
  • Kuleswari Kalibari (Kuler Kali Bari).

Places of interest [ What to do ]

Taki can be visited any time of the year. However, the most suitable time to visit Taki is during the winter season, especially due to the original jaggery or Patali Gur available there. Another time to visit, which is equally memorable, is to watch the Goddess Durga immersion following the Durga puja. This is a spectacular event in Taki as idols from both the countries are immersed on the waters of Ichamati together.

Post Credit: WikiTravel, Flickr

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