This is your planet. Introduce yourself.

Travelling with Dishaheen is the very best way to get up close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own. For more than 2 years, we’ve brought together people from all over the globe to create lifelong connections. This is your planet, after all—and the better you get to know it…..


“Dishaheen” means direction less or without direction. You are probably thinking

WHY WE HAVE THIS NAME? and what we are actually doing.

Here is the deal, “Dishaheen” is not just about a group of people who loves travelling, “Dishaheen” is an initiative to make a family of people, trying to take people out from there everyday life for sometime to visit the nature and share the experience with each other to inspire others to take a tour of earth.

So why the name “Dishaheen”?

Because you can go “wherever your eyes can see”.


Whenever anyone goes for a trip to somewhere you have definitely seen some folks are travelling together to get their one of the most memorable days or may be you are also the part of the gang. In a same way we have started in 2017, we always remember the day when we were planning to go to Purulia (Purulia district is one of the twenty three districts of West Bengal state in Eastern India.) over the tea and snacks on a not that much hot evening.


After coming from that trip we had a feel that, we always do not know what we can exactly see in a place, how to go, where to stay, mainly how not to get cheated by car price one usually hire to roam. So here in Dishaheen we will share our not only our experience but we will make sure that you reach more places, meet more people, lean about the places.


Yes, you heard it right. We are not only providing the knowledge about a place also we are also providing a platform where everyone can share their personal experiences, knowledge so that others can also get the information.