DaringbadiKashmir of Odisha, is one of the best beautiful hill station in eastern ghat. It is situated at a height of 3000 ft or 915 m in Kandhmal district, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys & 71% of lands is covered with forests, specially pine jungles.

Places to visit near by:-
  • Lover’s point — Beautiful spring surrounded with natural beauty.
  • Sapanala — Great Picnic spot very near to Baliguda.
  • Hill view — Perfect place to enjoy sunset and sunrise.
  • Botanical Garden — Tropical garden with various species of trees.
  • Spice Garden — Black pepper garden, turmeric garden and coffee garden.Daringbadi temperature level  has often recorded below the Frozen level and sometimes in minus. As Kashmir is to India, Daringbadi is to Odisha, because of this specific climatic conditions, this place have earned sobriquet- The Kashmir of Odisha.
    Daringbadi, is also famous for its production of superior quality of organic turmeric
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